Concrete/Terrazzo Pots

TABULATION SQUARE (กระถางคอนกรีต ทรงสี่เหลี่ยมลายตาราง)

Handcrafted Concrete Planter.
High-Density concrete reinforced with steel.
Natural gray concrete color.


We don't hold all sizes and finishes in stock.
Delivery service is available.

Price & Outside Dimensions

The price are for Natural gray concrete color. Upcharges will apply when choosing optional colors and terrazzo finishes.

  • W. 30 cm. | L. 30 cm. | H. 30 cm.Price 550 Baht
  • W. 30 cm. | L. 60 cm. | H. 30 cm.Price 1,100 Baht
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